Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to Change DNS-323 Gateway IP

I recently installed a new D-Link router (DIR-655... yay gigabit!) on my network which has my DNS-323. I had the network up and running in no time after the typical reset-modem-reset-router dance and an obligatory call to the ISP's outsourcing call center located in India. The finishing touch was to plug in my DNS-323 and check out my new blazing fast transfer rates. I plugged it in and typed in the NAS static IP address that I had memorized... nothing. I realized that the default D-link router IP address ( is different than the previous Linksys router ( Meaning that my DNS-323 is probably using the wrong gateway. I was excited to find after a cursory Google search that someone had posted on the D-Link forums with an almost identical issue. The only responder suggested changing the IP of the new router to match the old. After a few unsuccessful IP changes which resulted in me having to reset the router back to factory settings (not fun), I realized that there has to be an easier way, a way to update the gateway of the NAS without being able to get into the settings through a browser. Then I remembered the D-Link Easy Search Utility. Duh...

1. Put in the D-Link DNS-323 Install CD. If you don't have the original CD that you can download just the Easy Search Utility from D-Link here.
2. Open the Easy Search Utility program.
3. If your NAS doesn't show up automatically, press the Refresh button.
4. Highlight the desired NAS by clicking on the name.
4. Change the gateway and IP to match your new router's convention.
5. Click Apply. (while you're here you can easily mount your new drives using the tool)
6. Enjoy!