Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Smoke Brisket in a Hasty-Bake

This isn't a food blog in any sense, but when smoking a brisket recently on our Hasty-Bake there didn't seem to be a good set detailed instructions online on the operation of the Hasty-Bake itself. Hopefully someone will find this useful. Most of the instruction is based on Hasty-Bakes official channel YouTube video on the subject (Part 1 and Part 2). This brisket was cooked on a Legacy Hasty-Bake:

0. Start charcoal in Hasty-Bake using a tower or starter match (no lighter fluid!)

1. Trim the hard and excess (very thick) fat from the brisket (soft fat is good for flavor and moisture)

2. Rub 1-2 tbsp of Italian dressing on each side

3. Coat with seasoning/rub generously

4. About 20 minutes after starting the charcoal, pour out tower onto right half of tray and cover with smoking shield. Make sure charcoal tray is at the "Smoke" level and leave it.

5. Close lid, open all vents, and wait 5-10 minutes for temperature to stabilize and verify that the lid thermometer is ~225-250F. If it's below 200, add small amounts of charcoal and if it's above 250F close vents some (not completely).6. Place seasoned brisket on grate in the center over the shield

7. Starting every 30 minutes check the temperature of the lid thermometer and try and maintain 225-250F (hard to reach higher than 225F in the Hasty-Bake due to air leaks). Again, open vents to increase temperature (add oxygen) or if necessary (or all vents are open) add charcoal. Incrementally close vents to decrease temperature.

8. After a couple hours begin to check the internal temperature of the meat. (153-158F @ 2hrs for a 4lb brisket)

9. At 160F meat internal temperature remove from grill, wrap in foil, place back on grill flipped from how it was previously on.

10. Check meat internal temperature every hour until 190F (for slicing) or 205-210F (for pulling) is reached, and pull off. (186-195F @ 4hrs for a 4lb brisket)

11. Slice or pull and serve!

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