Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Xterra 2" Body Lift

So the next step in my quest to make my Xterra an offroading beast is to add a 2" Body Lift. A body lift raises the chasis relative to the frame through the use of what's commonly referred to as pucks. I don't get any extra ground clearance or articulation, it simply raises the cabin 2" higher to provide more wheel clearance and to get the decorative parts off of the ground a little more. At the same time I will effectively be increasing my center of gravity by around 0.5" to 1" so cornering should improve immensely (sarcasm). Here is a picture of the pucks and bolts used for the mod:

Here's a "How-to" post on the ClubXterra forum I frequent. The mod should take about 8-12hrs to install and definately be easier with another pair of hands. I'll probably be buying a 12-pack for whoever wants to join in for the automotive fun one Saturday or Sunday this summer. I just recieved the kit from someone else on the forum who put it together (and decided against doing the mod).

After I get the BL installed I can continue with my list of mods that were dependant on this one:
  • Bigger tires! I'm thinking 32-33" at the moment. I have to look into whether or not different gearing is required.

Hopefully I'll be posting in a month or so with before and after pictures of the X.


  1. what parts did you use to extend your power steering lines and the drive shaft safety loup

    1. Hey, the 2" body lift does not require any extensions on the power steering lines. The power steering lines have enough slack in them that they are just barely tight now. I don't remember doing anything with the drive shaft safety loop...